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Happy Heart

-A complete heart product with 5 authorized claims!landing-sub-heart

This complete heart health product is sustained with 5 authorized EFSA claims, making it a very strong product. While DHA addresses cholesterol, choline targets homocysteine* and corresponding inflammation.

  • EPA and DHA helps maintain normal cardiac function
  • Vitamin K contributes to normal blood clotting
  • Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
    • Inhibits damaging blood clotting potentially blocking blood flow**
    • Regulates the opening of blood vessels, important for unhindered blood flow**
  • Thiamine (vitamin B1) contributes to the normal function of the heart
  • Extensive research on vitamin B complex proves significant benefits on heart related symptoms

*High amounts of homocysteine in the blood are considered an independent risk factor for heart desease
**from Nutri facts (website), not authorized claims

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Brain Power

Doubled the efficacy!landing-sub-heart

Choline is a neurological building block for the neurotransmitter Acethylcholine, necessary for cells to communicate.

  • Choline works with DHA as building block for brain cells – both are needed
  • DHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain function
  • Biotin (B7) contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Choline works with B vitamin that may counteract, age related memory decline*
  • Based on recent research choline increases DHA enrichment of phospolipids

*Statements based on FDA approved claims – not yet approved in EU

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Liver Care

– With a unique EFSA claim!landing-sub-heart

Choline has a unique EFSA claim on contribution to normal liver function. Liver fat accumulation is an increasing problem in the world, not only attacking the obese, and can result in serious health challenges. Adequate choline intake can reverse the state and therefore the strong claim authorized by EFSA.

  • Choline depletion (via dietary intake) results in liver fat accumulation.
  • Liver fat accumulation is reversible, with adequate choline intake¹.

¹ This is the clinical basis of North American choline DRVs.

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Weight Smart

Oiling the wheels of the body’s fat transportation!landing-sub-heart

Choline plays a crucial role in the transportation of fat, for example from the liver to the muscles where it is used as a source of energy. This product also contains cola nut that has had significant results in slimming and burning of fat support. Making this a strong product for weight management. Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism (EFSA claim).

  • Choline plays a crucial role in the transportation of fat, for example from the liver to muscles where it is used as a source of energy
  • Choline helps balance homocycteine. Homocysteine is a bi-product of the creation of creatine, a substance formed when exercising (too high level of homocysteine is an indicator for cardiovascular disease)
  • Cola Nut helps to support slimming and burn of fat

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Giving the baby the best possible start!landing-sub-heart

The prenatal market has been growing fast in the last few years, as economic conditions have improved and parents continuous prioritization of healthy development of their children.
Enough choline in early stages can result in lifelong memory benefits; attention span, learning and memory.

  • Together with DHA, Choline is a necessary element in phospholipid membranes of all brain cells > brain cell rapidly devide
  • Choline optimizes the performance of other prenatal-important nutrients (DHA, B-vitamins)
  • Enough Choline in the early stages can result in lifelong memory benefits: attention span, learning and memory
  • Recent science has shown that maternal dietary Choline intake is potentially as important as folate

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