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Proven turnkey products

Ayanda provides private label vitamins, nutraceuticals, and related supplements products as turnkey solutions. Ayanda has developed a substantiated understanding of end consumer’s needs and the overall trends in the market. This understanding is passed on to our clients by providing turnkey private label solutions and products that fits the market demands.

All turnkey solutions are the result of years of experience as well as a true dedication to the demands of the nutraceutical and vitamin industry.

Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements requires regulatory and quality concerns to be met at every level. We always aim to exceed these, which again requires a high level of oversight and effective transparent control procedures. We have extensive quality control installed within all of our private label services and solutions in order to ensure that all our products comply with the strictest regulatory standards.


Turnkey products for shortest possible lead times
We offer a vast number of turnkey products for almost immediate delivery. Discover four newly developed shelf ready supplements.

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Why turnkey products?

  • Proven formulas
  • Speedy lead times
  • Extensive catalogue
  • Flexible batch sizes
  • Quick turn over

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If you would like to know more about our solutions, and how we can shorten your lead times, spend an hour with us – it will be well worth it.

White Papers and research

Our white papers and research build on our position as one of Europe’s leading encapsulators.

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Our certifications

We strive toward the highest quality and strictest standards.

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