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You define the need, we deliver the solution

Ayanda has the capability to produce a wide variety of powerful formulas with a vast number of different nutraceutical components.

Ayanda can manufacture your formulas in strict confidence and has the team available to apply EFSA compliance to maximize your products effectiveness to your consumers.

Our team of formulators consists of chemists, research scientists, pharmacists, and product formulation managers who are ready to assist you in developing new and unique formulas. The Ayanda team will assist you from identifying the proper product ingredients, absorption of nutrients, to identifying which delivery system should be used.

The formulation process is a very important area that must be thoroughly analyzed, developed, and where comprehensive testing is necessary to ensure end product effectiveness. Click here to create your own formula with the aid of our formula simulation app; The Health Mixer.

We only use state-of- the-art production technologies – and many of our progressive formulas are scientifically proven in numerous clinical studies. All our products comply with the strictest regulatory standards for the manufacturing of dietary supplements.

We can produce almost any dietary supplement you can imagine, from incredibly powerful and potent extracts to less concentrated, yet highly nutritious supplement. You define the need – we deliver the solution

Why customize formulas?

  • Target consumer preferences
  • Tailor to specific consumer segment
  • Differentiate from competing products
  • Develop new market positions
  • Adapt for specific EFSA claims
  • Aim to be truly unique

Book a meeting – let’s talk

If you would like to know more about our solutions, and how we can shorten your lead times, spend an hour with us – it will be well worth it.

White Papers and research

Our white papers and research build on our position as one of Europe’s leading encapsulators.

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Our certifications

We strive toward the highest quality and strictest standards.

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