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Methods and facilities

As a dedicated private label nutraceutical manufacturer, we have a strict focus on quality in our operation.

We have state of the art production facilities in Germany. We focus on delivering high quality and minimal oxidation. The oil and the fill material are constantly flushed with nitrogen or argon gas to displace oxygen and to minimize the risk for oxidation.

As a result of our consistent focus on quality we are exceeding existing international quality standards on oxidation. As an example of how we achieve this level of quality, every finished product batch is analysed for the same oxidation parameters as the raw oil. This is not required but we do it to ensure the highest possible quality in our products.

Key Quality

  • We produce in a strictly controlled atmosphere – which is important to ensure a high quality production
  • We use the Optyx™ system to inspect up to 1 mill. capsules/hour and ensure a product quality unmatched by human inspection
  • We have highly specialized production processes run by skilled and trained personnel under strict quality guidelines
  • GMP & BRC Standard, Halal and Kosher productions on demand
  • State of the art production facilities

Formulations (EFSA claims)

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is the keystone of European Union (EU) risk assessment regarding food and food supplement safety. At Ayanda, we always work in close collaboration with EFSA, who provide us with independent scientific advice as well as clear communication on risks, regulations and guidelines.

We strive to diminish our partners’ risk and exposure. We do this through our focus on EFSA rules and regulations and by providing innovations and solutions that exceeds the regulatory standards for any given product.

Knowing that we always comply with rules, regulations and standards enables our customer to focus on brand building, sales and profit.

Visit the EFSA website

Pure and natural

std-placeholderAs a dedicated private label supplement manufacturer, we take great pride in creating only the very purest and freshest products. At every stage of production, we monitor and analyse our raw materials to ensure that our finished products exceed international pharmaceutical standards.

Norway is famous for its deep fjords, snow-covered mountains, cold waters – and probably the best seafood in the world. Our production of omega oils started in northern Norway, in the arctic city of Tromsø. Production of cod-liver oil has a long and strong history in this area with a focus on quality and freshness.

As an example of our focus on purity, we have strict limits on the levels of heavy metals, dioxins, furans and PCBs found in the finished products. Consequently, we monitor and analyze raw materials accordingly and take pride in consistently delivering better results than the limits given by the authorities. In fact, as can be read from the following table, all the oils used for our omega-3 products test well below international guidelines for contaminants.

* EU Regulation 835/2011 (valid from September 2012) states that “(…) EFSA concluded that benzo(a)pyrene is not a suitable marker for the occurrence of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in food and that a system of four specific substances (PAH4 ) or eight specific substances (PAH8) would be the most suitable indicators of PAH in food. EFSA also concluded that a system of eight substances (PAH8) would not provide much added value compared to a system of four substances (PAH4)”


Responsible growth must be based upon sustainability. Ayanda monitors and measures sustainability, throughout the supply chain, from harvesting to storage. We use oil from fish that is not endangered and harvested from waters that are not overfished. All Ayanda production sites have established a quality assurance system controlled by a QA unit working independently from production. Additionally, the site in Germany is certified according to EU-GMP rules, International Food Standard, Global Standard for Food Safety, EU Organic Food Directive (2092/91/EC)

Confirmation of compliance with the obligations of the minimum wage law
The minimum wage law, called MiLoG for short, was introduced 01/01/2015 in Germany and it obliges all employers of all industries in Germany to guarantee a minimum of 8,50 € gross per hour paid. Please see the confirmation that Ayanda is compliant to this law HERE.

Bestätigung zur Einhaltung der Verpflichtungen des Mindestlohngesetzes
Bezugnehmend auf das MiLoG und dessen Einführung zum 01.01.2015 in Deutschland, verpflichtet der Gesetzgeber den Arbeitgeber, dass grundsätzlich deutschlandweit und für alle Branchen ein Entgelt in Höhe von mindestens 8,50 € brutto die Zeitstunde gezahlt wird. Unsere Bestätigung finden Sie hier.

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