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100% Natural
100% Quality

We only use the very best natural ingredients, and rigorous quality control, to ensure our products offer exceptional purity and freshness.

art production

At every stage of production, we monitor and analyze our raw materials – as a result, our finished products exceed international pharmaceutical standards.


Delivery Methods: The Next Generation of Omega-3s Takes Shape - from Omega-3 Insights Magazine

Although consumer awareness about the potential health benefits of omega‑3s is on the rise, challenges in developing new delivery methods have hindered full‑scale innovation. Stability and shelf‑life are [read more]

Epax Omega-3 Fish Oils Confirmed Sustainable

      (NORWAY, 6/18/2014)     Epax Omega-3 concentrates have been confirmed to be compliant with Friend of the Sea standards following renewal audit and can now keep on carrying Friend   [read more]

Get Smart article, focusing on brain health - from Natural Health Magazine

Taking care of those little grey cells can be a synch thanks to the latest advances in natural health and nutrition.  Say what you like about the baby boomer generation, but the natural health sector [read more]

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Who we are

Progressive and advanced Norwegian supplement manufacturer with a cutting edge high quality profile.

What we offer

Using state-of-the-art production facilities, and only the freshest ingredients we produce turnkey products and customized dietary supplements.

Why it works

Flexible formula design and a proactive 360° support, from initial research to sales and marketing, give our customers a head start.

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